Saturday, March 5, 2011

Here it is!

I have finally started a blog! I am still not sure about the name. I had 2 other names picked out and somehow "Erika Mania" found itself on the page.
Why have a blog?
  • Well, mostly because I have a lot to say. :)
  • I am starting a few new things in my life (like I need to start anything else new) and I really want to cataloge it and also share these new experiences with people who would like to share them with me.
  • Reading my blog is the reader's choice. Unlike facebook where you are subjected to my nonsense, here you can choose to read what I have to say.
  • Sometimes, that tiny little "what is on your mind" box is just not long enough.
  • This helps me reflect what I have said before. I can see if I am being redundant in my thoughts. I can also see if I am making any progress in my growth.
What might you see in my blog?
  • Hopefully not too much complaining. lol
  • Of course, stories of my boys and my adventures in this wonderful thing called Motherhood. (I also call this "the trenches of parenthood)
  • my thoughts over something I have read or experienced that has brought a hightened emotion or reaction.
  • Probably some reflections or new realizations I find in my life.
  • I am going to start this new workout plan and I want to share my progress with you!
  • Some new things I see in my walk with Jesus
  • And whatever else I think is important and SUPER cool!
I hope this is a positive experience for us all! I can't wait to get started and start getting conversations started about different things!!
This is it for now.

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