Thursday, May 31, 2012

Sense of Smell

 I don't know how it is for everyone else, but my sense of smell plays a huge trigger for memories. Today, at Walmart, a man walked down the isle right behind me. His smell immediately reminded me of the way my Poppaw smelled when we would go to the lake when I was a child. Not that he smelled bad by any means! People close to me have a certain smell to them. It doesn't smell like a cologne or perfume. It is just their smell. My husband has a smell, my kids have a smell, my dad has an overpowering smell, my mom has a certain scent to her.... the list goes on. As I type these people's name, I immediately remember how they smell. I forgot, however, what my Poppaw smells like.... until the gentleman walked behind me. Then, BAM!! I am at the lake sitting next to my Poppaw smelling him, Off bug repellent, a hint of sunscreen, and the outdoors-ness smell of the lake. Of course, this caused a ton of memories to flood my head.

My Poppaw and I -1984

I remembered the times we would go to the lake. I did not want to kill a fish or eat it, so they brought hot dogs to eat. I did not like bugs or being outside, so I got to sleep in the camper. I was afraid to go into the lake water because I saw the red dots on Poppaw's chest when he dived in and I thought he was bitten by fish. Later... many years later, I found that he landed on some rocks and was just fine. I would not go into the water unless he or someone else helped me and held me while in the water. I did not like the feel of the mud in my toes. I remembered how safe I felt in the life jacket :) I realized that my kids got their "bratty-ness" from someone and it probably wasn't Jeff. I remembered Poppaw's big hugs.

Then I got to thinking. First, I need to pay my Poppaw a visit!! That feeling when you miss someone so much it aches in your chest is not a good feeling and I need to fix this, pronto. Second, maybe I should think about taking my kids to the lake.... maybe. I am still not a fan of the heat, outdoors, rocks, bugs, boats, killing fish, or mud, but THEY might like it. If I can keep my big trap shut, maybe they would enjoy a lake trip. Third, what the heck do I do to plan a lake trip?? This is as far as I got on  thinking about that.

Poppaw and Lliam- 2007

The cool thing about Summer is that we can plan a trip like this. We could start with an afternoon at a lake close by and then, if it goes well, we could stay longer the next time. The other neat thing about Summer is that I can plan a quick day trip to visit my Grandparents. I have a lot of family that live real close to my grandparents, so it may have to be a 2 or 3 day trip so I can get a good visit in with all of them. (I like to talk and it IS an inherited trait)
Some questions:
Does your sense of smell trigger vivid memories?
What Summer family plans do you have?

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Lliam's Silent Decision

Tonight, after putting the boys in bed, I sat at my computer to do homework and have a quick chat with Jeff. After about 5 minutes, Lliam walked in with the BIGGEST smile I have seen on his face. At the same time Jeff and I both asked him what was he doing out of bed. He said he had some VERY exciting news. We were doubting this was something important and just another attempt to get out of bed, but with a smile like that, who could deny hearing his news? He then told us, "I was in bed and I just prayed to let Jesus into my heart!"

[Complete shock! Speechless. What?? My son decided to accept Jesus in his heart and I am not there for it?? Is he serious? This is not a funny joke if he isn't. Wait. I have my backup question for a statement like that. Okay, go about this gently. If he is serious, you don't want to ruin his moment. Okay. That's right. keep smiling. DON'T CRY WOMAN!]<--- All in my head.

 Me-"Wow! That IS very exciting news!!"
Lliam- "I know! I am so excited!"
Me- "Why don't you come over here and tell me about it?"
Lliam-  jumping up and down all the way to me "okay"
Me- So you prayed to Jesus?
L-Yup! I said  (closes his eyes real tight )"Dear God, I love you and I want to accept Jesus in my heart. I..."
Jeff-  (interrupts)"What do you mean by accepting Jesus into your heart? Is he really going to live there?"

I  could tell Jeff was just as shocked as I was. He was also still pretty doubtful that this really happened. He wanted to make sure Lliam knew what he was doing. But his shock and doubt were showing through in his voice and I could see that this was not the reaction Lliam was expecting. His face started to look concerned and worried. It was at that moment that I realized he was not pulling our leg. He was about to answer Jeff, but I did not want to ruin his moment of telling the FIRST people his great news by having to explain his decision.  He is going to spend the rest of his life answering questions just like this. Defending his faith.  I want him to relish in this awesome moment. So I cut them off.

Me- Lliam, so you prayed and accepted Jesus in your heart. I am so, SO happy for you! So, now you are ready to let Jesus be the boss of your life? (the back up question)
Lliam- with a HUGE nod and a matching smile, "Yes! Yes I am!"

[Okay. He just answered the back up question correctly. He has never done that before! Every time we have mentioned him having another Boss in his life, he immediately drops the subject. Okay. Okay. DO NOT CRY, WOMAN! Breathe. I need to text Ami. We have never answered the back up question correctly. Oh my gosh!! My baby just got saved!! I praise you, Jesus! Thank you! Thank you! This happened way sooner that I ever dreamed. Do NOT cry. Let's just give him a hug just in case a tear... yep that tear... starts to slip out.]<--- all in the head, of course.

Me- That is so awesome. I am so proud of you!
Jeff- You are right, that is some really exciting news, Lliam. So, what happens next?
L- I get baptized! Mom, when can I get baptized?
Me- We need to talk to Miss Ami, first. Then on Sunday you can go to the front during the prayer time and tell Bro. Jim. He will tell you when you can get baptized.
L- Do you have his phone number? I could call him now.
Me- (oh that is so stinking precious) It is a little late to call him tonight.

After a few hugs, and a few sneaked kisses, we sent him to bed promising we would talk about it more tomorrow.  Of course, he does not stay in bed long. He waits a few minutes before he comes back asking if I am going to tell his Sparkie friends about this. This made me think he was doing this just for attention. Then he gave me the perfect answer, "No. I don't want people to clap for me. I am just so excited and happy that I want to tell everyone."  Wow. This is really real.

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Tomatoes and Tornadoes

Here in West Texas, lovely Spring always bring her companion- Severe Weather. Since my oldest was 3 years old, he has had a valid fear of Tornadoes. We had the luxury of visiting family on the day a tornado hit their town. We were blessed not to have been harmed or seen any damage, but for a 3 year old sitting in the "Hiding Place When A Tornado Comes" right next to the bathroom that someone left fragrant, hearing the sirens wail, watching the hail, having a power outage, and having your baby brother cry because he just woke up from a nap... well, it can be a bit traumatic.

Today, he had a Tornado Drill at school. This brought all the dangers of a tornado to the forefront of his mind. All afternoon he was explaining all he knows (and makes up) about tornadoes to his now 4 year old brother.

Lliam's List of What He Knows About Tornadoes:
  •  Big and black (sometimes green.... they are the worst, he thinks)
  • Go all the way to the clouds
  • They are fast
  • Pretty Dangerous
  • Strong
  • Can make you worry when you think about it
  • They are hot, cold, and sticky (according to the janitor, he says)
  • They do not have feelings but  they like to break things

After a long, emotionally draining day, I was looking forward to a nice long hot shower. I find that those relax me. Call me crazy (and some do), but I feel like all the stress of the day just washes off of me and runs down the drain. Needless to say, I was really looking forward to it. 

So before I could get this well deserved shower, I had to put the boys to bed. I got them all nice and tucked in, put on a story movie (a movie that reads books to them while showing the pictures and lighting up the words as they are read.... like Reading Rainbow) and hopped in the shower. 

Not 3 minutes into this glorious shower do I hear a knock on the door. In walks my 4 year old telling me that he does not want a tomato.
Me- "I am not giving you a tomato. Go to bed!" 
Aaron-"But Wiam says that a tomato is going to come and he will be dead!"
Me- "How is a tomato going to kill Lliam? Do we have to have this discussion now? Please go back to bed." (still in the shower with soap in my hair)
Lliam-(who has now decided to join in our conversation in the bathroom) "I don't need to do my homework because a tornado will be here in a couple of days and take me away."
A- "And you will be black and white?"
Me- "Where did you  hear a tornado was coming?"
L- "Do you watch the  news?"
A- "I don't wike tomatoes."
Me- "Do YOU watch the news, Lliam?"
L- "Sometimes when you aren't looking."
Me- "You are not doing your homework right now. You haven't been near a television all day. And you are going to bed.  Aaron, a tornado is not going to come tonight. Please leave the bathroom so I can finish my shower."
(Door closes)

I can't help but laugh at the conversations we have and locations where we have them. After I was nice and clean (and almost stress free) I go and check on the boys who are now talking about shark attacks. Now that is something to think about before bed! I inform them that the movie will be turned off if they don't cut it out. They inform me that they are thirsty. Well who wouldn't be after talking about sharks?
Over a glass of water, Aaron tells me what he knows about tornadoes.

Aaron's List of What He Knows About Tomatoes:
  • They happen in Africa
  • They take you somewhere black and white
  • He wants it to take his hermit crab, Mr. Gadgeck, away (Anybody want a hermit crab?)
  • They spit out robots
I just love being their mom!